Schools of Feng Shui


There are two different schools of Feng Shui that are easily mixed up and confusing for Feng Shui enthusiasts, like us.  I follow the school of Directional Feng Shui, which is the original form of Feng Shui passed down form the ancient Chinese. In directional Feng Shui, the top of the Bagua faces north associating the Life Areas with cardinal directions.  Most do-it-yourself books follow the Black Hat School, which eliminates the use of a compass placing the top of the Baqua facing the front door.  To be technical for a moment; A Bagua is what is used to divide your home into 9 different sections called “Life Areas”.  Life Areas are: Career, Knowledge, Family, Wealth, Fame/recognition, Relationships, Creativity/ Children  Helpful People and Health. I’ll explain each Life Area at a later time and tell you how they can have an affect us physically and emotionally.  In the mean time get yourself a camping compass, I picked on up at K-Mart for under twenty dollars, if you’d like to follow along with Directional Feng Shui.


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