Practice what I preach!

What a mess!

Since starting this blog a few days ago, I have been thinking a great deal about the current state of my home. I may be a Feng Shui enthusiast, but the energy in my home is not always perfect. I do not believe in bad Feng Shui instead prefer to look at it in a constructive way; good, better and needs improvement.  Right now our home could use some improvement. We’ve been living in our apartment for a year and there are still boxes hiding behind furniture and unfinished projects that need dealing with. Feng Shui continuously changes to balance seasonal Yin and Yang energies. (We’ll talk about that balancing act soon).  Spring has got me itching to change the flow of the energy in our home welcoming in the growth and change the season brings.  Along with sharing what I am learning, I am challenging myself to improve the Feng Shui in my own home.  I have pulled out my Feng Shui books and am rereading my notes. I was once told buying one new article of clothing a week would create really great wardrobe without going broke in the process. I offer that same advice to you. With one new project a week, I will reanalyze the Life Areas of my apartment, implement cures and practice day to day fixes. Improve the current state of your living environment one fix at a time. You can beautify the place without breaking the bank.  Pretty frugal if I do say so myself.


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