Prep and Purchase


Let me start off by saying that it takes at least two days to get anything done in New York City. The first is prep and purchase day and the second is project day. Tony and I went on an adventure to Bed Bath and Beyonce and Homo Depot today (I refer excursions outside the house with my husband as adventures because something coo-coo always happens.) This adventure co-starred my sister Jennifer, who is always fun to have along.

I love my husband on shopping days.  He is like a kid in a candy store when we go to any home store. We are barley in the door and he’s gravitating to new glass tumblers. That is until the glimmer of shiny kitchen utensils catches his eye and he’s off again to the next best thing.  Today I’m on a mission with list in hand for my Feng Shui projects.  I’m off with Jen getting what I need when I hear the call, “Huh.”  It’s not just any ‘huh”, it’s a loud guttural “huh” sound that Tony and I make when we get lost and can’t find one another in the store.  The alarm usually continues until I yell “over here!” At this point the rest of the store knows what is going on too.  I find him among the dishes browsing new patterns.  He’s so endearing.  See America, married gays do the same thing traditional married couples do.

After debating on new shades for the bedroom and whether or not we need a sink caddy for the kitchen, we make it out of the store with everything needed to organize the bathroom.  (For those of you wondering, Tony got a new butter dish)  Off to the depot for new paint and a shelf for the kitchen.  This is when I realize I’m about break my “buy-supplies-for-one-week-at-a- time” rule.  Whoops!  It would be better for me to buy supplies for two projects now then fighting New York City drivers again next week.  After all is said and done, I saved $5.00 with a mailbox coupon and posses all the necessary materials to complete my first two projects. I spent $143.00, minus the butter dish, making each project less then $100.00.  Woo Hoo!


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