Placement of the Bagua in Directional Feng Shui

I hate to be technical but Feng Shui has technical hubbub.  This next post is to help you identify the life areas in your home. First things first, the Bagua is what is used to divide your home into 9 different sections called “Life Areas”. I promise to get back to the projects and stories soon. In directional Feng Shui, the top of the Bagua faces north associating the Life Areas with Cardinal directions:  N, S, E, W, etc.  Follow this simple recipe for Bagua placement on your apartment.


  • Compass (I purchased a camping compass at K-Mart for under $20.00.)
  • Ruler  (I went to my craft drawer and pulled out a regular 12-inch ruler.)
  • Tape Measure
  • A red marker or pen (I like using red because it is considered to be a lucky color and symbolizes strength, activity and passion.  It is believed to bring happiness, good fortune and fame.)
  • A floor plan (also known as an aerial view) of your apartment. (In a scaled drawing of your floor plan you convert 1 foot to ¼ inch, ¼”=1’.  For example, using ¼”scale, 4 feet equals 1 inch. Graph paper makes this process easier because the paper is already split up into ¼” squares. I prefer to use ¼”=1’conversion ratio because the drawing will be small enough to fit on one piece of paper.)


1.  Take a deep breath, clear your mind and take your time.

2. Measure the size of each room in the apartment.  (Ex. 12’x12’ or 13’x 11’)

3. On a sheet of graph paper, use your ruler to draw a scaled floor plan using the measurements you just took.  (If your room is 12’x 12’ you should have a box on your paper,in ¼”scale, that measures 3 x 3”.)

4. Take your compass and head outside your home. With your back at the front door, read which Cardinal direction your compass points.  (For example, my compass points to South East. I now know that my front door and the front of my house faces the Cardinal direction South East.)

5.  Back at your floor plan, position your drawing so that the front door and “front” of your apartment are at the bottom of the page.

6.  Draw a compass to the side of your floor plan so you have the Cardinal directions to look at.

7.  Draw a rectangle around the entire apartment using the red marker and ruler.

8. Measuring along the bottom and topside of the rectangle, divide the line into 3 equal parts. Repeat along the sides of the box.  (If your apartment is 12’x12’ you will have a box on your paper that is 3”x3” with divisions at 1” and 2”.)

9. By drawing lines that connect the top to bottom and side to side, you split the box into 9 equal sections.  (It should look like a big red “Tic Tac Toe” board.   This is the Bagua on your apartment and the 9 sections are the Life Areas.)

10.  Label the bottom center box with an (a) and the Cardinal direction that your front door faces. (My apartment faces South East, so I label the bottom center box a.-SE.)

11.  Going clock wise around the “Tic Tac Toe” board, starting with the letter (a) in the bottom center box, label the boxes with the alphabet. The second box you label (b) is the lower left hand corner box. The ninth area is the center square (i).  This area is Health.

12. On the compass you drew, starting with the direction your front door faces, assign the Cardinal directions with the Alphabet. Match your “Tic Tac Toe” alphabet letters  to the letters on the compass and label accordingly.  My labeling looks something like this (minus the “Tic Tac Toe” lines.):

d.) West                        e.) North West                                    f.) North

c.) South West                        i.) Health                                    g.) North East

b.) South                        a.) South East                                    h.) East

13.  List each Life Area with its corresponding Cardinal direction.

North (which is the top of the Bagua)=Career

North East= Knowledge

East= Family

South East= Wealth

South= Fame/ Recognition

South West= Relationships

West= Creativity/ Children

North West= Helpful People

You have now placed the Bagua on your apartment and know where the Life Areas are in your home. If you get lost or frustrated in the process, don’t fret.  Stay tuned for a visual demonstration of the above process.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me.  Now go have yourself a cocktail, you deserve it!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Stephanie on March 16, 2011 at 11:22 pm

    Should you use the front door of your apartment or the front door of the whole building?


    • You bring up a good point. You want to use the front door of your apartment because you are dealing with the energy that enters into your personal space.


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