Bathroom Blunders

The trip to Bed Bath has inspired me to get my bathroom in check.  Unfortunately my bathroom is partially in the SE, the Wealth area of my home. Not the most ideal placement for good Feng Shui, so it is important to put a few common bathroom cures into motion.  These cures are important for everyone no matter where your bathroom is located!  (We currently practice them on a day to day basis.)  It is important to keep a clean, neat and orderly bathroom.  I purchased cabinet storage drawers to help de-clutter the mess that currently lives under my sink and a new fancy memory foam bath mat. (I love my memory foam bed so much I thought I’d give my feet a treat.  It’s heavenly to step out of the shower onto it.)  Because of the bathroom’s plumbing, chi’ can be flushed out of your home via the toilet and drains.  It is important to minimize opportunities for chi’ to flow out of your home too quickly, taking your prosperity along with it.  As with all cures, visualize that your desired life results are materializing as you perform these simple cures:

  • To prevent “flushing your money down the drain”, close your toilet lids.  (We’ve been practicing this cure for years. It also helps the room look nicer because your not staring down a nasty drain.)
  • Keep the shower curtain or door closed so the drain is not visible
  • Hang a mirror on the outside of the bathroom door.  This cure only works if the bathroom door is closed, which is an easy, basic and foolproof way of keeping the rest of the energy from your home being sucked out.
  • Hang a faceted crystal above the sink drain. (I’ve listed the website Sundrop Crystal on my side board for you to order crystals from.  Their crystal are the clearest and produce really beautiful rainbows when the sun hits them.)
  • Hang mirrors on the walls.  This powerfully transforms the negative influence of any bathroom.  (You’ll also get to see how fabulous you look form every angle.)

I learned something new when reexamining my notes for bathroom cures.  Hanging a wind chime in the window of the bathroom will dam the flow of water, or energy from escaping the house.  (I have an extra wind chime in the closet, which I will be hanging up as soon as I finish this post.) If your bathroom is in the north (career) make sure the wind chime is made of an earth material, such as terra cotta or porcelain.  This will keep you business and career success from “going down the drain”.  Keep the décor of your bathroom simple. Try not to spend too much money on the room. Your resources are better concentrated on more important areas of your home, such as your bedroom or kitchen.  Check out some of my before and after pics.  I’ll be adding more soon!

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2 responses to this post.

  1. Blog seems inactive; too bad, I enjoy it and the topics addressed. Including “Bathroom Blunders.” My bathroom’s too in the southeast corner. Worsening matters, it’s tiny and has NO window, natural light or ventilation whatsoever. Oh, and did I mention that it’s stuck in a darkest part of the apartment? Doesn’t get any worse than all this!

    So I’m CONSTANTLY looking for remedies. Some people say “add wood.” Others say “don’t add wood.” Some say place a mirror on the bathroom door (outside surface). Unfortunately, doing so would require keeping the bathroom door closed. Which I can’t do because the result is mold due to absence of airflow or light. It’s a can’t-win-ever nightmare!

    So my only solution seems to be keeping toilet seat down and having door sometimes opened (to prevent mold/allow airflow) and sometimes closed (to prevent loss of wealth). F**king joke. Truly can’t win for losing in this setup.

    Well, I’ll keep surfing the Net for a truly good solution to this mess. Sorry again your blog’s inactive. It’d be fun to run ideas past each other.


    • HI There, My apologies for not responding earlier. Circumstances have kept me away from blogging for a long while. I am happy to give some more suggestions to help you out.
      First of all what year were you born? This way I can figure out your birth element and your Kua number to find your best directions. Look forward to hearing from you and hopefully helping you out.




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