Inspirational Art

Loving the art that hangs on your walls is important because wall art can reinforce the intention of your life desires materializing.  For the wealth area choose pieces that depict desired possessions or give a strong feeling of wealth and abundance.  Wealth does not always mean money.  Wealth in feng shui is abundance and prosperity.  I like to find art that inspires me and also boosts the chi’ for the area that the art is hanging in. (Every room contains the 9 Life Areas.  This is referred to as micro micro feng shui, which I will give details on later.)  For example, we moved into our apartment a few months before our wedding, and while searching for the perfect piece of art to hang on the wealth wall of our living room, I came across a print of the “Goddess of Wealth”. I immediately fell in love with her.  The print is of a beautiful Asian Goddess with her arms out stretched surrounded by hundreds of butterflies.  I bought it, framed it in a cheap poster frame, and slapped that bad boy on our wealth wall.

Planning and paying for a wedding can be stressful, luckily for us we had the “Goddess of Wealth” on our side.  I was able to save $1,000.00 a month and Tony’s mom won enough to pay for our reception making funding the event an easy task.  When Christmas time rolled around, I took Miss Wealth to get framed at the local Michael’s.  (I felt it was time to give her a proper mat and frame.)  If you have never had custom framing done let me tell you, it ends up costing you an arm and a leg.  Michaels’ tells you that it takes seven to ten business days to process your order.  On day ten I get a phone call, I’m excited to get Miss Wealth back, instead the phone call is in regards to bringing my art in to be placed in the mat and frame that are now ready for pick up.  Ummm, excuse me?  I called back to inform them that my art work was in their possession, to which a confused employee tells me they’ll have to get back to me.  I start to worry. Four days, many phone calls later, I haul my cookies back to the framing department of Michael’s.  To my surprise, the Goddess has worked her magic.  Since the framing department “lost” my order, they upgraded my order with a double mat and expensive glass making the picture look absolutely stunning.  (Evidently my choice of framing was not good enough for her.)

Our gigantor Christmas tree is in our wealth area for the holiday season so I hang the Goddess on our knowledge wall.  Reminding myself that she is the Goddess of wealth, I decide to leave her here as an experiment in “Wealth of Knowledge.”  Tony began reaping the benefits with an abundance of knowledge for starting his new business.  I have been learning a lot about myself, what I want to do with my career, and discovering that I love to blog about feng shui.  I also learned the Goddess needs to stay on our wealth wall.  Her time on the Knowledge wall, although helpful, left me bouncing checks, my savings account empty and left Tony worried about finding work.  Thankfully, after returning the Goddess to her original position, Tony is booked solid with work for the next month, he’s a dancer, choreographer, ballet teacher and judge for dance competitions (Boy can he shake a leg! And he’s got long ones at that.) I got called in for two auditions, my financial planning will have me half way out of debt by July, and I have not bounced any checks! (Knock wood.)

Take a moment to survey the pictures on your walls.  Now that you know the directions and life areas of your home, do the pictures match the area?  Are “dogs playing poker” in your career area?  If so, are you constantly taking a gamble on a job?  Do you really like dogs playing poker?  Or is “The Scream” living in your relationship area causing men or women to flee from the scene?  Move pictures around or get rid of the art that you do not like any more.  What is the point of having something you don’t love?  Not only will you be doing away with excess clutter, but buy doing so you will be filling your home with thoughts of love every which way you look!


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