The Wealth Area

Financial improvement is commonly the reason that people turn to feng shui.  As I mentioned before, the wealth area is not just money but correlates directly to the prosperity and abundance in your life. (Your front entrance and kitchen stove strongly affect your money chi’ as well.)  The energy of the wealth area is considered best for your home office, but as we all know that doesn’t always work out.  For example, my wealth area is my bathroom.  Greaaaaaaat!  (I listed the cures for solving bathroom issues in “Bathroom Blunders”.) The wealth area of your home is the South East (SE) direction.  The element that corresponds to this area is wood.  Wood chi’ is the energy of expansion and new growth. Applying this element helps when you are looking for growth (mental, spiritual, etc.), expansion (in your wallet, pocket book, knowledge), and vitality in your life.

Here are a few cures that you can implement into your wealth area to help boost the energy and call forth some abundance into your life.  (Remember the first step when boosting an area’s chi’ is to clean and declutter.)

  • Hanging inspirational art is a fast and affective way to boost the energy of this, or any, area. For the wealth area choose pieces that depict desired possessions or give a strong feeling of wealth and abundance.
  • Place a representation of the area’s element, in this case wood, in the area. (Think of wood as trees or the shape of trees.  Columns, pedestals, vertical lines in a fabric pattern or wallpaper, or just your regular ole’ tree or plant.  Healthy plants with shiny round “coin shaped” leaves that bloom in wealth colors are best.  Wood furniture is also a great representation.)
  • Add color.  The color of wood is green.  (Select from the following):

Green(The color of money!) New life, new beginnings, growth energy, vitality, spring, hope

Blue:  Knowledge, the sky, royalty, life, hope

Purple: Wealth, royalty, the extreme value of red (The Chinese saying “That’s so red it’s purple,” means great energy and power.)

Red: Power, protection, energy, activity.  The most active of all colors and is used many ways in feng shui. (Be careful when using too much red as this also represents the element fire.  Fire burns trees.  In feng shui this represents quieting an element, will touch upon this later when we discuss Yin and Yang and balance).

Jewel Tones: (ruby, emerald, sapphire, gold.  You get my point.)

  • Add a water feature. (Flowing water means flowing money. Adding a water fountain creates a new flow of energy in any environment.  Representing connection, sustenance, wealth and the flow of life, a water feature gives a refreshing and beneficial impact.  When choosing a fountain, make sure you can see the flow of water and one where the water pools instead of disappearing immediately.)
  • Use essential oils or incense to lift the energy of the room.  (Inspirational scents for the wealth are grapefruit, Frankincense, Sandalwood and ginger.)

Here a re a few personal cures that I have done in my home that you can also do.

  • Place a wood box with desired objects in side.  (We have a wooden box with Chinese coins and crystals in it to represent riches and jewels.)
  • Create your own personal cures for the wealth area by placing things you love there. (Be creative.  For example, I created an offering altar.  Our kitchen shares the wealth area with the bathroom.  On top of our refrigerator I placed a red and gold piece of fabric with a Buddha.  The Buddha is holding a bowl in which we placed coins and money from foreign countries.  Be hind the Buddha I have placed a healthy plant that is continuously growing.  This is representation of our money growing and the universe allowing us to have enough money for extra curricular travel.  I also like to store our bread here to represent an abundance of “dough”.)

Don’t be afraid.  Being creative is fun, easy and cheap because you can use things from around the house to create cures you love.  Feng shui is instinctual, (I’ll let you in on that secret soon.) trust your gut and have fun.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Patrice on January 6, 2014 at 12:13 am

    Hey Eddie,

    I see you’ve moved on to … hopefully greener pastures! But I wanted to say that I’ve enjoyed your blog today. I realized earlier this afternoon that my “wealth corner” is in either the bathroom (western, Black Hat system) or the garage (classical compass system) and thought yikes! Came on for ideas and found some at your site.

    Wishing you the best.



    • Hi Patrice, Thanks for your comment. Greener pastures took up a lot of my time for the past few years but I am returning to my blog and helping others understand and work with Feng Shui. Were you able to figure things out?


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