Movin’ Right Along

Bathroom door exterior

I have previously written, it takes at least two days to get anything done in New York City. The first is prep and purchase day and the second is project day.  Since purchasing my “one-a-week” supplies needed to feng shui my bathroom I have reorganized the clutter beneath my sink (week 1) and hung a wind chime in my bathroom window (week 2).  In the third week, finishing touches are being implemented to the wealth area for the best possible flow of energy.

Adding color to any area is a great way to boost the energy and give the room a fresh start. Painting the bathroom and getting rid of any old or half full products is part of my final touch-ups. Confronting clutter puts us all on edge because it forces us to deal with our baggage, literally.  Your spouse/partner/roommate, or whom ever you live with, may  be defensive to this, at first.   Asking Tony which products we could toss to de-clutter the shower is a touchy subject.  Immediately I’m accusing him of being a hoarder. “ Why do you always want to get rid of my things?”,  he says.   (I assure you it is not just his things I want to throw out.  It just sometimes sounds that way.) I feel the same way when he confronts me about my clutter. I avoid old mail and the roll away drawers in our closet that are over flowing with craft goodies (which I will be dealing with soon. Ugh!) Remain calm and remind the other person (and yourself) that it is for the greater good.  Getting rid of half used bottles and empty containers clears the space making room for chi’ to flow freely through the area.

Here are the cures I have implemented in my bathroom, the Wealth Area of my home:

  • Adding color.  (The element for the wealth area is wood.  I have chosen a shade of green called “Tate Olive” that is similar to the color of moneyI like this shade of green so much that it has been in my past three apartments.)
  • A wind chime added to the window of the bathroom stops the flow of water, or energy from escaping the house.
  • A faceted crystal hangs above the sink drain to slow the energy from being “sucked down the drain”.
  • A plant has been added to help soak up the moisture in the air and prevent the growth of mold and mildew.
  • The shower curtain is kept close.
  • The toilet seat lid is down.
  • Mirrors reflect one another so that the reflection of space is infinite.
  • A full-length mirror hangs on the bathroom door and the door is kept closed.

The Wealth Area of my home has been reenergized and it is time to move onto the next section.  (Hopefully you have added a few cures of your own to help from “flushing your money down the drain.”) Stay tuned to find out what riches the universe has to offer us!

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