What’s up doc?

It has been a week since my last blog and I am sure you are all itching to learn more about the next life area, but during that time I had the opportunity to help my sister with a few new feng shui fixes in her apartment. Focusing primarily on clearing out the relationship corner in her bedroom, which was cluttered with junk that she had placed there “in the mean time” (You know those places, we all have them, it is the place you put things before you actually put them away.  Right now my kitchen table is the “in the mean time” of my home), and the wealth area (Since that is what we have been focusing on.)

The main living area of her apartment is the wealth area. Many people think that their apartment has only one way to set up the furniture.  In many cases this may be true, but I challenge you to think outside the box and mix it up.  Have you tried all the possible arrangements of furniture or did you just push everything against the walls and make the TV the focal point of the room?  In Jen’s case, her sofa only fits one way in her living room. (I originally helped her in the arrangement of furniture so I know this to be true.) But this doesn’t stop me form placing the TV in the corner and adding a chair to the smaller side of her sectional to create a cozy space for entertaining and watching movies.   Moving a round a few book cases, lamps and pictures and switching out the rug were our options for changing up the flow of chi’ in the room.

Here are a few fixes and cures we implemented in her living room (Wealth Area):

  • Switch up the rug: Previously she had a dingy rectangular rug that was brown and green with some dark red in it.  The rug made the energy of the room feel heavy and dark.  Moving a circular rug from her bedroom that was a golden color with a hint of green and terra cotta in it brightened up room immediately. This circular rug in the wealth area symbolizes a coin and the colors support the wood element. Circular rugs, tables and mirrors are also believed to create more conversation in a room.
  • Add a plant: The addition of a plant (to symbolize growth and abundance) in the eastern corner (Family Area) helps lift the energy.  Adding a plant to any room is the fastest and easiest way to life the energy.
  • Add a water feature: Jenny already has a water fountain in the wealth area (symbolizing the flow of money into the house). By repositioning it in the northern corner of the room (Career) we call forth more cash flow from job

After  successfully lifting the chi’ in the wealth area and are welcoming in the gifts of abundance and prosperity into our lives, we are moving counter clock wise on our “tic-tac-toe” board (aka the Bagua) to the next area of our homes which is the Fame/ Recognition Life Area.


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