Jenny and Josh’s Apartment

A few days after we changed Jenny and Josh’s apartment around she sent me this email.  I have also included some before and after pics of the changes we did to their living room (wealth area).  Send me before and after pictures of the changes you have done to your apartment and your observations on the flow of chi’ so I can post them too!

Jenny writes:

Since reading your blog, I have been inspired to redo some things around my apartment.  Thank you for coming over and helping me. The new changes to my wealth area are amazing.  I love that we moved the rug from my bedroom to the living room.  I feel like it really lightens the room up. I’m so glad we moved the bookshelf away from the sofa too.  I no longer feel so closed in when I am watching TV and the tree we put in its place lifts the energy drastically.  It makes the couch feel bigger and just helps make the room feel more open.  I’ve realized since we made these changes on Sunday, the relationship area in my living room and my bedroom are my junk corners.  Seeing a cleaner relationship area in my living room makes me feel better and excited to clean out the relationship area in my bedroom.  Overall, my living room feels open, brighter and even more “homey” then before! I’m looking forward to finishing my bedroom.

Thanks again for all your help. I really appreciate it!


Love You,




Alternate view


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