Fame and Reputation Life Area

Fame Life Area: S direction (Entrance Hallway)

The Fame and Reputation area affects fame, acclaim and public attention. This life area of your home deals with the actions, behaviors and energy you exude that shapes the way your peers, neighbors and community see you.  Everyone has a reputation of some kind, what are people saying about you?  The energy of the fame area is considered best for your family room.  (Who in New York City has a family room?  I consider myself lucky enough to have an eat in kitchen!) When looking at the floor plan of my apartment with the Bagua placed on top, the fame area covers one and a half rooms: the front entrance and half of the kitchen.

The direction of the Fame and Recognition is to the South (S). The element that corresponds to this area is fire.  Fire chi’ is upward, burning, hot energy and is moving, bright, and fiery.  Of the five elements, fire energy represents maximum expansiveness and activity, the peak of energetic intensity. Enhancing this area creates more expansion in your life and transforms your reputation getting you seen in the best light possible.

Remembering the first step to boosting an area’s chi’ is to clean and declutter, from here on out you can cure every area with an “A.C.E.”  (Art, Color, Element.)

  • ART: Hanging inspirational art is a fast and affective way to boost the energy of this, or any, area. When choosing art for the fame area, look for pieces with the following:  Fire (the element), sunshine, sunflowers, animals, magazines, radios (if you’d like to be heard by the masses), and people you admire or things you aspire to be are good starting points.  (For example, there are a few famous actors whose careers I admire. I am wrapping their pictures with red ribbon and placing them in a red envelope in my fame area.  This is so I am seen as an actor with a successful career like theirs.)
  • COLOR:  Add color.  Fire has a few colors, the most common is red.  Red is the most active of all colors and is used many ways in Feng Shui. This color represents power, protection, and energy activity.   The other colors of fire are burgundy, orange, yellow, gold, and black.  (Yes, black.  Just think of the color something turns when it has been on fire.)
  • ELEMENT:  Since you can’t set the room on fire and continue to live there, Feng Shui has “symbolic elements”.  Think of fire in animal representations (leather, feathers, fur, wool, bone) and shapes (triangular, conical and pyramidal).

Be creative and have fun when enhancing this area. Don’t be afraid.  Being creative is fun, easy and cheap because you can use things from around the house to create cures you love. Decorate this area with diplomas, prizes, trophies, awards, motivational “fame” quotes (not from the movie, or hang a favorite picture of you in a red frame . As I have written “Feng Shui is instinctual” so trust your gut as you “A.C.E” this section of your home.


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