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Open Sesame: The Home’s Entrance

The entrance of your home makes a statement about you. It is a preview of the rest of your home and an extension of the first impression established by the main entrance. Living in an apartment building in New York City, I have limited control of what happens outside my door but there are ways to create a welcoming atmosphere inside and outside of an apartment. For example, the entrance of our apartment is in the Fame section.  I make sure the area outside our door is as tidy as possible and I have placed a welcoming door mat (to welcome positive energy and keep my floors clean) and hung a wreath (to cheer up the ugly color the outside of the door is painted) with colors that support the fire element.

The area just inside of your home, also known as the foyer, is just as important because this area welcomes chi’ to flow into the rest of your home and fill it with positive energy. It is the passageway for golden opportunities. The main purpose of the home’s entrance is to facilitate the movement of chi’ through your living space. As favorable energy enters the home, it clears and rotates the negative aspects out of your life to allow positive ones to move in. If chi’ is obstructed or impaired at this point, its ability to energize every area of your life—health, wealth, relationships, etc.—will be limited. The goal is to have optimum energy circulating into every corner of your dwelling.