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Just call me The Frugal Feng Shui

While strolling through the sale section at a local bookstore I stumbled upon “Feng Shui for  Dummies”.  I knew that Feng Shui dealt with energy in the home and that the placement of furniture might influence my life. I also knew that it is confusing and expensive.  Being unemployed and broke makes hiring a consultant who charges out the wazoo not an option for me. But a book that told me if the placement of my fridge was destroying my sex life was well worth ten dollars.  I got the book home, opened it up to just “flip through”.  It was as if a choir of heavenly angels bestowed upon me some mystical knowledge that helped me understand my living situation in a whole new light. The next thing I knew I had finished it and began to looking around my New York City apartment.  According to the book, the energy of my home was stuck.  Literally and symbolically stuck.

So with my newly found skills, I started the old furniture switch-a-roo, this time following the rules of Feng Shui. It cost me nothing and I had a blast doing it.  As the weeks passed, I moved around some pictures and  did a lot of emotional and physical de-cluttering, the first major step in Feng Shui.   My interest was peaked and a new passion ignited. I needed to know more.  After an exhaustive Internet search, I stumbled upon a high quality 9-week home study course that would teach me Feng Shui from the ground up and allow me to become my own Feng Shui Consultant.  I had to do it!

At first I thought, “Wow, what a great way to make some money!  I could become a certified consultant and charge people exuberant amounts of money to tell them where to place their furniture.”  But as the course study went on I began to realize how deep the Feng Shui rabbit hole goes. The placement of objects and furniture in my home is just the tip of the iceberg.  Feng Shui deals with the laws of Heaven and Earth and the Five Elements. For example, each one of is assigned an element to us based on our birth year. That makes me a WOOD element. I put my newly found education into motion. Along with painting a few walls, I began wearing clothes with green, brown and blue colors that would support my wood element. On days that I had auditions I would were bold reds, setting myself “on fire” to show that I meant business.  I know it may sound “corny” to call something forth from the universe but that is what Feng Shui does.  It’s clears a path to what we desire in life. (Later on I’ll discuss how Color Therapy is useful in your clothing and home as well as go more in depth about the Elements that are assigned to us at birth).

I believe in Feng Shui because it has changed my life. Within four months I booked the Broadway show Wicked, I moved into a new bigger and better apartment, I paid off all of my credit card debt and most importantly I felt happy and balanced in my life.  Feng Shui is not just for the rich who can afford to hire a fancy schmancy consultant but everyone who desires to live a healthy, happy, prosperous life abundant in riches.  In this blog I extend to you my knowledge of Feng Shui in a way that is easy to understand. I offer affordable projects that you can implement, day by day, in your home and wardrobe and will give examples on how environments reflect the current state of our lives.  Post questions, leave comments and check back in often as I add new posts with stories from my clients who have benefited from my help. The only way Feng Shui will work is for you to take a chance on it and believe that it will work.  It won’t change your life over night but daily changes will help move you towards a more balanced one.  I am here to offer you fun, fabulous and affordable Feng Shui tips and that is why you can call me The Frugal Feng Shui.