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Which front door?

I’m so delighted that questions are being asked.  Thanks Stephanie!

Q:  Should you use the front door of your apartment or the front door of the whole building?

For those of us who live in apartment buildings, the feng shui inside the home is more important than the feng shui outside.  This is because we are unable to control what is goes on in the hallways of are building.  (If we did the Russian lady that lives down the hall from me wouldn’t be sitting on the steps smoking her cigarettes and the dog across the hall wouldn’t yap all day long.)  We do have control over what happens inside our front door.  Therefore it is important to use the direction in which our apartment front door faces.


A Room with no View

I awoke this morning to my first question, woo hoo!


Q:  What does Feng Shui say about bedrooms with no windows?

Excellent question . In Feng Shui, the bedroom is considered to be a sacred place and should be used as a retreat to rest, rejuvenate and of course come together with your lover. It is ideal that you remove any electronics from the space to eliminate any EMF and leave the bedroom for what is intended for. Having no windows in your room can be a very good thing because you are eliminating the potential of exterior noise and distractions. On the flip side, energy could get stuck since there is no inlet of natural light or outlet to allow flow through the room . My suggestion is to add a faceted crystal (which you can purchase online at your bed to attract light and break up any stagnant energy. It would also be ideal if you could add a plant, even if it is fake, as plants represent life bring it to a room that has “dead energy”. Your next step would then be to figure out what Life Area of your apartment that your bedroom is. Stay tuned as I will discuss how to determine the Life Areas of your home in the near future. I hope this answered your question and thank you for turning to me with your Feng Shui concerns.  Keep those questions coming!