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A return!

Hello fellow Feng Shui-ers.  After being away from blogging I am now returning.  I have learned so much since my last postings and want to share it all with you!  Stay tuned for up  coming news.


Open Sesame: The Home’s Entrance

The entrance of your home makes a statement about you. It is a preview of the rest of your home and an extension of the first impression established by the main entrance. Living in an apartment building in New York City, I have limited control of what happens outside my door but there are ways to create a welcoming atmosphere inside and outside of an apartment. For example, the entrance of our apartment is in the Fame section.  I make sure the area outside our door is as tidy as possible and I have placed a welcoming door mat (to welcome positive energy and keep my floors clean) and hung a wreath (to cheer up the ugly color the outside of the door is painted) with colors that support the fire element.

The area just inside of your home, also known as the foyer, is just as important because this area welcomes chi’ to flow into the rest of your home and fill it with positive energy. It is the passageway for golden opportunities. The main purpose of the home’s entrance is to facilitate the movement of chi’ through your living space. As favorable energy enters the home, it clears and rotates the negative aspects out of your life to allow positive ones to move in. If chi’ is obstructed or impaired at this point, its ability to energize every area of your life—health, wealth, relationships, etc.—will be limited. The goal is to have optimum energy circulating into every corner of your dwelling.

Fame and Reputation Life Area

Fame Life Area: S direction (Entrance Hallway)

The Fame and Reputation area affects fame, acclaim and public attention. This life area of your home deals with the actions, behaviors and energy you exude that shapes the way your peers, neighbors and community see you.  Everyone has a reputation of some kind, what are people saying about you?  The energy of the fame area is considered best for your family room.  (Who in New York City has a family room?  I consider myself lucky enough to have an eat in kitchen!) When looking at the floor plan of my apartment with the Bagua placed on top, the fame area covers one and a half rooms: the front entrance and half of the kitchen.

The direction of the Fame and Recognition is to the South (S). The element that corresponds to this area is fire.  Fire chi’ is upward, burning, hot energy and is moving, bright, and fiery.  Of the five elements, fire energy represents maximum expansiveness and activity, the peak of energetic intensity. Enhancing this area creates more expansion in your life and transforms your reputation getting you seen in the best light possible.

Remembering the first step to boosting an area’s chi’ is to clean and declutter, from here on out you can cure every area with an “A.C.E.”  (Art, Color, Element.)

  • ART: Hanging inspirational art is a fast and affective way to boost the energy of this, or any, area. When choosing art for the fame area, look for pieces with the following:  Fire (the element), sunshine, sunflowers, animals, magazines, radios (if you’d like to be heard by the masses), and people you admire or things you aspire to be are good starting points.  (For example, there are a few famous actors whose careers I admire. I am wrapping their pictures with red ribbon and placing them in a red envelope in my fame area.  This is so I am seen as an actor with a successful career like theirs.)
  • COLOR:  Add color.  Fire has a few colors, the most common is red.  Red is the most active of all colors and is used many ways in Feng Shui. This color represents power, protection, and energy activity.   The other colors of fire are burgundy, orange, yellow, gold, and black.  (Yes, black.  Just think of the color something turns when it has been on fire.)
  • ELEMENT:  Since you can’t set the room on fire and continue to live there, Feng Shui has “symbolic elements”.  Think of fire in animal representations (leather, feathers, fur, wool, bone) and shapes (triangular, conical and pyramidal).

Be creative and have fun when enhancing this area. Don’t be afraid.  Being creative is fun, easy and cheap because you can use things from around the house to create cures you love. Decorate this area with diplomas, prizes, trophies, awards, motivational “fame” quotes (not from the movie, or hang a favorite picture of you in a red frame . As I have written “Feng Shui is instinctual” so trust your gut as you “A.C.E” this section of your home.

No Tuition Intuition

Riding on the subway, I sometimes have the urge to call Tony before I get home.  Good thing I do because we are out of milk and eggs.  Had I not called we’d be missing out on our late night snack and breakfast tomorrow morning.  (And no one wants to be around either one of us with no breakfast.) I have always had a strong intuitive sense, my mother, the  “witchy women” she was, passed the gift on to me.  (It is just a matter of listening to it or not.) Intuition, when listened to, can guide us in making strong choices.Have you ever entered a room or a friend’s apartment and felt “off kilter” even though you couldn’t put your finger on what was wrong?  (This happens to me quite often.  I actually love when I go into a home and notice how positive the flow of chi’ is.) Chi’ is drawn to pleasing, harmonious environments and repelled by discordant ones.

Feng shui operates on the subconscious and intuitive level as well as a logical and physical one.  (The physical being rearranging furniture or fixing a window that doesn’t work properly.) Paying attention to your feelings and responses whenever entering a space will help you develop your instincts on energies and vibrations that are present. Listen to your heart; trusting your impressions and allowing them to guide you as you apply feng shui will keep you on the right track.  After a while you will be able to sense that you have done the right thing because it feels right.  I believe that after moving something around, you need live with it for a while.  Give the change a week to see if you like how the energy is flowing.  At the end of the week if you don’t like what you have done, change it.

Are you stuck up?


I can guarantee that most of you are probably hanging your pictures and artwork too high.  It is one of the firs things I notice when I enter a room.  Hanging pictures too high will cause you to walk around your home with “your nose stuck in the air”.  Without even realizing it, you will begin to look down your nose upon things.  You don’t want people to think that you are better then them or “stuck up”, do you?  There is an easy cure for this.  Standard picture hanging height is 57”-62” from the floor to the center of the artwork.  (That is eye level for the average person.)  57” is the standard height that galleries and museums hang their pictures at as well. By lowering your pictures and artwork you ground the energy in the room making it feel safe and cozy. (You may also notice less tension in your neck.)  In rooms with extremely tall ceilings hanging the picture a few inches above eye level, 64”-67”, will help ground the energy and make the room feel not so big.  This is also a good height to hang pictures in narrow hallways.  The effect will force you to look up at the art instead of noticing how long and narrow the passage may be. Try this simple fix and see if you feel the difference.  Live with the change for a week. If you don’t like it, raise the pictures a few inches but don’t go crazy.  Nobody likes being around “stuck up” folk.

Placement of the Bagua in Directional Feng Shui

I hate to be technical but Feng Shui has technical hubbub.  This next post is to help you identify the life areas in your home. First things first, the Bagua is what is used to divide your home into 9 different sections called “Life Areas”. I promise to get back to the projects and stories soon. In directional Feng Shui, the top of the Bagua faces north associating the Life Areas with Cardinal directions:  N, S, E, W, etc.  Follow this simple recipe for Bagua placement on your apartment.


  • Compass (I purchased a camping compass at K-Mart for under $20.00.)
  • Ruler  (I went to my craft drawer and pulled out a regular 12-inch ruler.)
  • Tape Measure
  • A red marker or pen (I like using red because it is considered to be a lucky color and symbolizes strength, activity and passion.  It is believed to bring happiness, good fortune and fame.)
  • A floor plan (also known as an aerial view) of your apartment. (In a scaled drawing of your floor plan you convert 1 foot to ¼ inch, ¼”=1’.  For example, using ¼”scale, 4 feet equals 1 inch. Graph paper makes this process easier because the paper is already split up into ¼” squares. I prefer to use ¼”=1’conversion ratio because the drawing will be small enough to fit on one piece of paper.)


1.  Take a deep breath, clear your mind and take your time.

2. Measure the size of each room in the apartment.  (Ex. 12’x12’ or 13’x 11’)

3. On a sheet of graph paper, use your ruler to draw a scaled floor plan using the measurements you just took.  (If your room is 12’x 12’ you should have a box on your paper,in ¼”scale, that measures 3 x 3”.)

4. Take your compass and head outside your home. With your back at the front door, read which Cardinal direction your compass points.  (For example, my compass points to South East. I now know that my front door and the front of my house faces the Cardinal direction South East.)

5.  Back at your floor plan, position your drawing so that the front door and “front” of your apartment are at the bottom of the page.

6.  Draw a compass to the side of your floor plan so you have the Cardinal directions to look at.

7.  Draw a rectangle around the entire apartment using the red marker and ruler.

8. Measuring along the bottom and topside of the rectangle, divide the line into 3 equal parts. Repeat along the sides of the box.  (If your apartment is 12’x12’ you will have a box on your paper that is 3”x3” with divisions at 1” and 2”.)

9. By drawing lines that connect the top to bottom and side to side, you split the box into 9 equal sections.  (It should look like a big red “Tic Tac Toe” board.   This is the Bagua on your apartment and the 9 sections are the Life Areas.)

10.  Label the bottom center box with an (a) and the Cardinal direction that your front door faces. (My apartment faces South East, so I label the bottom center box a.-SE.)

11.  Going clock wise around the “Tic Tac Toe” board, starting with the letter (a) in the bottom center box, label the boxes with the alphabet. The second box you label (b) is the lower left hand corner box. The ninth area is the center square (i).  This area is Health.

12. On the compass you drew, starting with the direction your front door faces, assign the Cardinal directions with the Alphabet. Match your “Tic Tac Toe” alphabet letters  to the letters on the compass and label accordingly.  My labeling looks something like this (minus the “Tic Tac Toe” lines.):

d.) West                        e.) North West                                    f.) North

c.) South West                        i.) Health                                    g.) North East

b.) South                        a.) South East                                    h.) East

13.  List each Life Area with its corresponding Cardinal direction.

North (which is the top of the Bagua)=Career

North East= Knowledge

East= Family

South East= Wealth

South= Fame/ Recognition

South West= Relationships

West= Creativity/ Children

North West= Helpful People

You have now placed the Bagua on your apartment and know where the Life Areas are in your home. If you get lost or frustrated in the process, don’t fret.  Stay tuned for a visual demonstration of the above process.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me.  Now go have yourself a cocktail, you deserve it!

Prep and Purchase


Let me start off by saying that it takes at least two days to get anything done in New York City. The first is prep and purchase day and the second is project day. Tony and I went on an adventure to Bed Bath and Beyonce and Homo Depot today (I refer excursions outside the house with my husband as adventures because something coo-coo always happens.) This adventure co-starred my sister Jennifer, who is always fun to have along.

I love my husband on shopping days.  He is like a kid in a candy store when we go to any home store. We are barley in the door and he’s gravitating to new glass tumblers. That is until the glimmer of shiny kitchen utensils catches his eye and he’s off again to the next best thing.  Today I’m on a mission with list in hand for my Feng Shui projects.  I’m off with Jen getting what I need when I hear the call, “Huh.”  It’s not just any ‘huh”, it’s a loud guttural “huh” sound that Tony and I make when we get lost and can’t find one another in the store.  The alarm usually continues until I yell “over here!” At this point the rest of the store knows what is going on too.  I find him among the dishes browsing new patterns.  He’s so endearing.  See America, married gays do the same thing traditional married couples do.

After debating on new shades for the bedroom and whether or not we need a sink caddy for the kitchen, we make it out of the store with everything needed to organize the bathroom.  (For those of you wondering, Tony got a new butter dish)  Off to the depot for new paint and a shelf for the kitchen.  This is when I realize I’m about break my “buy-supplies-for-one-week-at-a- time” rule.  Whoops!  It would be better for me to buy supplies for two projects now then fighting New York City drivers again next week.  After all is said and done, I saved $5.00 with a mailbox coupon and posses all the necessary materials to complete my first two projects. I spent $143.00, minus the butter dish, making each project less then $100.00.  Woo Hoo!